September 24, 2010

What sick looks like for me

So I was laying here reading my best friend Tori's blog and My Mama's blog and I was thinking wow they are awesome blogging all the time I wish I blogged more.. and since im sick and just laying here I thought id show you what sick looks like for me.

My facebook (my addiction, I am so nosy), some hulu and music.

Texing with My love Elijah and my bestie Tori.

Staying in my pjs

Made some homemade gluten free chicken soup! :D

Got some orange juice with my raspberry emergin c packs in it.

Ricola berry throat lozenges

Yummy fruit popsicles :o)

Snuggling with my baby Milkshake<3
Id show you what i look like sick, but it's not pretty haha

Have a great weekend y'all!! :o)

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