April 25, 2009

April 22, 2009


Me yesterday:

Me today:

I have dyed my hair! It will come out in about 12 washes but till then I have fun burgundy hair!
It should have been copper/auburn but oh well.


April 21, 2009

Scrap yard

So when I see a photo I want I take a couple of shots... So I know at least one will turn out nice.

Next I upload it I see what needs to be done.. some times it is already perfect!

I took this photo yesterday at the metal scrap yard, I love this poor doomed blazer.
But I think it needs something more..

I tried cropping it , that was not what it needed.

So I got the original and played with the coloring..
I LOVE this coloring! but I also want a picture of it in it's real colors.

here is another shot of it.

I cropped it, I like this shot cropped but the color is still off.

So I give it a bit more saturation and warm it a bit and...

Ta Da!


April 17, 2009


Hello! I am Tessa!

I love to take photos and I love clothes
so I have decided to make a blog for my two passions!

I will sometimes post about outfits I have made and sometimes about
photos I have taken or my photos I have played with :D

* dress from wetseal
* tank top, hat and leggings from walmart
* sweater from my closet
*Awesome shoes from Target
* Rose ring from jenxcreations

Have a Great day!
xoxo Tessa