April 21, 2009

Scrap yard

So when I see a photo I want I take a couple of shots... So I know at least one will turn out nice.

Next I upload it I see what needs to be done.. some times it is already perfect!

I took this photo yesterday at the metal scrap yard, I love this poor doomed blazer.
But I think it needs something more..

I tried cropping it , that was not what it needed.

So I got the original and played with the coloring..
I LOVE this coloring! but I also want a picture of it in it's real colors.

here is another shot of it.

I cropped it, I like this shot cropped but the color is still off.

So I give it a bit more saturation and warm it a bit and...

Ta Da!



  1. I love photoshop! Isn't it so much fun!?!

  2. Great semi-tutorial! I always like watching the process. You should check out my boyfriend's blog. He's getting his BFA in photography. His blog is http://jeffreyopp.blogspot.com. His website has color photos though. www.jeffreyopp.com

  3. Tessa - What a great way to show the world how you work with your photos till the result is exactly what you want! I loved seeing the picture develop through your eyes!

  4. Great shot and looks like you had fun tweaking the colors :D I think I should take more photos.. I don't use my camera enough especially when I am out.

  5. I love the yellower one too... totally changes the mood of the photo.
    I wonder what the 40/40/40 on the truck means?

  6. I was wondering what it means too!!
    maybe is was a race car?? lol

  7. i like the green sky the best! :)


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