December 20, 2010

Project: 365 - Day18

Look at this pretty kitty, she is so stunning!

hehe can you see the hidden kitty in this tree? :D

December 18, 2010

Project: 365 - Day17

Went to a wedding tonight of a friend who ive known since I was like 13. I can't believe she is now married.

Time sure flies by fast!

Pretty candles on the tables.

Me and my sweetheart<3

Me and Aliss<3

Me and mama<3

And the mints Mmmm I love them mints :D

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :)

December 16, 2010

Project: 365 - Day16

As we drove through town I seen the cute little trees had Christmas lights on them and so I took some pics, I loved how this one turned out :D

December 14, 2010

Project: 365 - Day14

Railroad track by the ice cream place we went to today.

My sisters<3

Went to the park with my sisters.

Ta Ta For Now -Tessa

December 13, 2010

Project: 365 - Day13

I was always losing my eye masks during the day, so I put a hook above my bed to have a place to hang my eye masks during the day.
When I first started to wear an eye mask to bed I would get freaked out when I opened my eyes because I couldn't see. haha :]
Do you wear an eye mask when you go to bed?

Also above my bed is my calender... This year I have had an around the world calendar. I have loved having all the beautiful picture of places I would love to go.
Sadly though it ends this month with the picture of the place I would love to go the most.

Sweet dreams

Project: 365 - Day12

Explored some new Halo maps today with Elijah and played slayer. :D
Also today watched Tron with Elijah and Oliver, to be all ready for the new Tron next weekend. Me and Elijah also watched Donovan's reef..

So... Elijah + Halo Reach+ John Wayne + good food +Elijah + good word and worship at church = Twas a good day :)

December 11, 2010

Project: 365 - Day11

I helped Elijah wrap his Christmas presents, we also went to Elijah's Christmas party for work.

CUTE older present tags :D

My handsome Elijah<3>


December 9, 2010

Project: 365 - Day9

While about to eat a matsuma orange today, I was taken with it's dimples and had to capture them.


December 8, 2010

Project: 365 - Day8

Got to go and spend some time with Dad today, that was nice. :) Helped Dad to fix Elijah's truck!! :D We decorated the Christmas tree tonight and Elijah got to come help.


December 7, 2010

December 6, 2010

Project: 365 - Day6

My peppermint mocha :D

Me and Aliss's feet


Project: 365 - Day5

Went and got our Christmas tree today :D

Me and my baby sisters hugging a pretty tree.

My beautiful Mommy<3

"Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see"

Font size


December 5, 2010

Project: 365 - Day4

Watercolor doodling with Elijah today. :o)
I did not get a picture of mine but here are pictures of him drawi
ng and his finished awesome doodle.

Love Tessa

December 3, 2010

Project: 365 - Day3

Tonight was the Christmas Victorian tea at my Church. We go every year and its always so breath taking.. so beautiful.


December 2, 2010

Project: 365 - Day2

Made peppermint bark for the first time! I LOVE peppermint bark :D

My poor baby sister Sophie is sick and has a fever. Please keep her in your prayers<3

Love Tessa

December 1, 2010

Project: 365 - Day1

Hello :o)
So I am going to do this fun thing where you share a picture from your day for a year. You can read about it here


Helped work on Elijah's truck today, hopefully we get it fixed soon.


November 18, 2010

Pearls and lace



Some times its just fun to wear pearls…


and lace <3


Love Tessa

October 14, 2010

new things

I am starting a new adventure.. I am starting a photography business called:
Woodland whimsy Photography


October 8, 2010


Sketched a pic of Aliss yesterday, man ive missed drawing! I did some doodles too, it was fun! :o)

October 7, 2010

horse riding

Been riding with Aliss a few times lately, i had not been riding in a LONG time.
Made my butt sore haha

September 25, 2010

Made me smile

Something that made me smile today:
driving down the road with the fall sunshine on me, crunching leaves and the crisp fall air blowing in the window.

Today as I drove down the road I could hear the leaves crunching under the van, and it gave me a smile. :D

Can you see the leaves? They swirled over the road happily dancing that fall is here.
The trees are changing colors, the leaves are falling, and the air is getting crisp.
I love fall, it is my favorite season!

Stop and enjoy the little things in life<3>