April 27, 2013

blue! :)

Added some semi hair dye for some fun! :)  
I used turquoise and atlantic blue..


I love it! :D

 Hope everyone is having  great weekend! :)

October 20, 2012


I love my ballet flats, they are mostly all I ever wear!

But sadly it is now reaching the wet part of the year,
so I am forced to switch shoe gears or have wet feet...
Now for the hunt for cute boots! :)

October 18, 2012

pear tarts

 The fruit stand had these huge juicy pears in abundance and on sale!
So of course I had to get some!

I made gluten free/ dairy free tarts with them this past week.
This is the recipe I used, its just a standard pie crust but I added some cinnamon and used brown rice flour.

Then I made some vanilla pudding, from scratch: But I used almond milk, extra vanilla and a little less sugar but I used brown sugar.
Sliced up the pears and cooked them in brown sugar in the oven.

  Put it all together and voila! :)

Also I seen a recipe on pintrest  for whipped cream from coconut cream so I picked a can of cream from trader joes and tried it out and it worked well and tasted very yummy as a topping!


October 11, 2012

Mr & Mrs

  326 days ago I got married to my love Elijah!
Its so crazy how time flies.. it feels like it was only yesterday that I stood up in front of our family and friends and pledged my love to him.
Here are some shots of that day :)

xo Tessa

September 21, 2011


Hey sorry I have been missing..
I was doing a summer internship and now I am planing....
For my wedding!!!! :)

Yup that is right I am getting married in November of this year.

Just wanted to update you :)

December 20, 2010

Project: 365 - Day18

Look at this pretty kitty, she is so stunning!

hehe can you see the hidden kitty in this tree? :D

December 18, 2010

Project: 365 - Day17

Went to a wedding tonight of a friend who ive known since I was like 13. I can't believe she is now married.

Time sure flies by fast!

Pretty candles on the tables.

Me and my sweetheart<3

Me and Aliss<3

Me and mama<3

And the mints Mmmm I love them mints :D

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :)